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We take particular care in managing our consultants’ skills: staff placement,
professionalization, evaluation.

Consultants’ advancement takes into account the know-how they gradually acquire in order to become autonomous:

– Internal contract management (monitoring of time-budgets, billing, etc.).
– Project structuring and monitoring (project flight plan, deliverables, etc.).
– Commercial know-how (elaboration and championing of business propositions, management of customer relations
during the project, monitoring of client account, etc.).

A constant: whatever their rank, all consultants contribute to our production and enrich our methods
Consultants staffing is determined by associated directors according to:

– The specific needs of the project (technical skills, sector-related skills).
– The level of required experience for different team members.
– Optimization of economic performances.
– HR policy (consultants’ individual career paths).

Project director

  • Develops commercial activities.
  • Elaborates intervention processes.
  • Is in charge of client interface.
  • Is accountable for the quality of deliverables.

Project leader

  • Builds project flight plan.
  • Manages consultants.
  • Organizes and monitors production.
  • Specifies deliverables and ensures quality control.

 Consultant (junior to senior)

  • Produces deliverables as stated by projects’ flight plan.
  • Ensures self-control of his own production.
  • Provides feedback on field information he has gathered.