Employment and Vocational Training

The field of employment and vocational training is a complex system in which numerous actors intervene: the State, local governments, public and private operators, social partners, etc. Performance of the system depends both on the performance of each actor, but also on the performance of their relationship and on the ways in which they cooperate. The challenge is to promote targeted populations’ professional insertion and evolution, companies’ economic development, and sustainable development at the local and regional levels.

Our intervention and our assets:

MENSIA Conseil develops services targeting two types of stakeholders:

  • Public or private operators intervening in the domains of professional insertion, vocational training and/or employment, to support their action and transformation strategies.
  • Local governments, to support the implementation of their public policies.


When working for public and private operators, our expertise specifically concerns:

  • Strategic positioning: structuring and development of services, partnership strategy, localization strategy.
  • Customers relations management: optimization of customers’ contact processes (complaints, mediation), organization of customer journeys and of close and distant service relationship.
  • Organization and development of network functioning: organization of network head-end functions, pooling of support or business activities, cooperation between structures.
  • Improving performances: organization of monitoring and control functions, integrated performance monitoring (customer quality, costs, risk control), processes’ efficiency.
  • Support for the elaboration and conduct of transformation projects.


When working with local authorities and State level administrations, our expertise has gained recognition for tasks such as the support for the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of public policies at the local level and partnership-based action systems.

We specifically work for:

  • Regions, for vocational training policies.
  • Other local authorities or their groupings for approaches articulating economic development, vocational training and professional insertion (notably through local agreements on such issues).



Our clients:

  • Pôle emploi, Apec, Acsé / Cget, Agefiph, Association Nationale des Groupements de Créateurs (ANGC), AFPA, CFA Evry Val d’Essonne, OPCABAIA, Fédération de l’Hospitalisation Privée, Synerpa, Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique (CNDP – Réseau Canopé), etc.
  • Regions (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, Ile-de-France, Poitou-Charentes, Midi-Pyrénées, Haute-Normandie, Centre, Limousin, etc.) Association des Régions de France, DIRECCTE (Ile-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, etc.).
  • City of Paris, city groupings (elaboration of agreements on economic development/ employment/ vocational training), Roissy employment public interest grouping.

MENSIA Conseil has established a regular and long-lasting partnership with DKRC – Danielle KAISERGRUBER Recherche et Conseil.

Some of the documents we have realized during these missions are on public display:

  • Synthesis of the evaluation of orientation and access to vocational training for job seekers, for Pôle emploi, (Repères et Analyses N° 25) (
  • « Poitou-Charentes regional vocational training public service : the regional ambition of a qualification for all » (Le Service public régional de la formation professionnelle de Poitou-Charentes : “L’ambition régionale d’une qualification pour tous”) – Christian VIET and Vincent MERLE in Actualité de la formation permanente n° 226-227 – Centre INFFO.
  • «  Regional vocational training public service in Poitou-Charentes » (“Le service public régional de formation professionnelle en Poitou-Charentes”) – Edition ARFTLV Collection Repères N° 73 – Février 2011.
  • MENSIA-ARF study, made public during ARF’s congress on december 5th 2008 (
  • Acsé / Pôle emploi brief : “30 initiatives for employment in inner cities” (