Local Development, Urban Planning and Urban Renewal

In order to build cities that are at the same time sustainable, livable, socially inclusive, productive, and to find adequate funding for it, efforts have to be deployed at different scales. In terms of space, it starts by reflecting at the level of large metropolises, and goes down to areas concerned by urban renewal. Different time scales also need to be taken into account, from that of urban planning procedures (zoning, transportation needs, housing, and other utilities) to the definition of urban strategies, and the conduct of urban renewal projects, taking into account all economic, urban, and residential functions.

 Our intervention and our assets:

  • Consulting in urban strategies and local development: designing policies, urban planning, urban projects, and operational set-ups. We rely on a systemic approach based on a thorough knowledge of the wide range of local public policies and of institutional evolutions.
  • Efficiency of organization and of activities’ monitoring for stakeholders involved in the fabric and sound functioning of cities (transport operators, urban utilities’ managers, urban planning authorities, land developers, investors). We appeal to our wide expertise in terms of organization, contracting, and regulation, as well as to our multidisciplinary knowledge (urban economics, transport and housing economics, new urban economic models to build a renewed city, integrating the whole process from urban and land recycling to urban development).


Our clients:

  • Local governments (city groupings of varied sorts and their cooperation arenas: design and optimization of urban and regional development policies, planning, urban projects and urban renewal, performance optimization).
  • Public and private developers: corporate strategy and assistance for project management to carry out major projects.
  • Land operators: strategic studies, performance optimization, elaboration of multiannual investment plans.
  • Urban developers and social housing operators (lessors and collectors): corporate project, performance plans, transformation strategy.

MENSIA Conseil has established a regular and long lasting partnership with JAM urban planning agency, managed by Jean-Marc Bichat.