Social Care

Citizens’and social insurance policy holders’ demands are growing and becoming ever diverse. Financial stress dictates policies to control spending that affect both insurance bodies (operational resources) and insurance holders themselves (social benefits, extent of social care, etc.).
In such a context, social care institutions need to reinvent the way in which they intervene for their beneficiaries/clients (dematerialization of procedures, diversification of customer relationship, differentiation of services, etc.), rethink the way in which they are organized structurally but also geographically (pooling, shared service centers, competence clusters), increase processes’ efficiency (simplification), anticipate and support the evaluation of needs in terms of employment and skils.

Our intervention and our assets:

Working for social care actors, our expertise is focused on:

  • Development of services and customer relationship: optimization of customer assistance procedures (complaints, mediation), organization of customer experience and of close and distant service relationship, differentiation of services and of customer relationship.
  • Organization and development of networked operations: organization of network head-end functions, pooling of support or business activities, cooperation between structures, localization strategy.
  • Improving performances: organization of monitoring and control functions, elaboration and implementation of performance plans, integrated performance monitoring (customer quality, costs, risk control), processes’ efficiency.
  • Support for evolution and transformation projects: support to proceed with contracting approaches (COG/CPG), elaboration and support for the implementation of corporate plans, teams’ mobilization.
  • Local deployment of social care policies: partnership strategy, adapting services at the local level, associating local authorities and local partners.


Our clients:

  • URSSAF, CNAV Ile-de-France, Carsat (Nord-Picardie, Rhône-Alpes, Normandie, etc.) PRIF (Prévention Retraite Ile-de-France, GCSMS associating CNAV, RSI and MSA).