Improving Efficiency of Local Public Policies

With February 2014 MAPTAM law, the way in which political powers are organized at the local level is under clarification. It is being rationalized and simplified, and such a move is being pushed further by the “NOTR” bill, currently under discussion. This structural reform aims at reinforcing the efficiency of local authorities’ policies, and will have major consequences on the roles and duties of city groupings and regions, as well as on the permanence of districts in the institutional landscape.


MENSIA Conseil has been working with the most important local authorities in France for almost 30 years, supporting their institutional and administrative organization evolution processes, developing their management performances and improving the efficiency of the public policies they implement. Our consultancy is thus a leading partner for them when it comes to supporting their long term transformations.


MENSIA Conseil indeed promotes an integrated vision of local governments’ public policies’ performances:

  • Organization and functioning of municipal level duties, so that the municipality/city-grouping “duo” can perform at his best politically and technically speaking,
  • Specification of the deployment of the “Métropoles” (largest form of city-groupings), so that they can fully perform their leading role at the city-region level,
  • Clarification of the ways in which regions’ powers can be strengthened so that they can adequately fulfil their strategic planning duties,
  • Organization of districts’ contribution in areas where local engineering task forces are unsufficient.


Our intervention and our assets:

  • Elaboration of contracts between local and national authorities (PO, CPER…) and partnership building between local authorities in support of local economic development and new infrastructure,
  • Local deployment of public policies (political governance, decision making processes, agreements, etc.) and services (organization of subsidiarity),
  • Preparation of power transfers from one level of government to another (from municipality to city-groupings, from districts to regions),
  • Organization and creation of shared services (technical platforms, resource centers, professional networks, shared services master plan, etc.),
  • Efficiency of public spending and control of payroll costs (elaboration of multiannual investment plans, organization of financial and human resources functions),
  • Administrations’ adaptation and modernization processes (auditing, analysis and formalization of processes, department plans, supervision and monitoring of activities, etc.).


Our clients:

  • Creation of Métropoles: METRO (Grenoble), Montpellier agglo, CREA (Rouen),
  • Analysis of organization and of departments’ functioning: Lille Métropole, METRO, Montpellier agglo, cities of Paris and Montpellier, Bouches-du-Rhône and Mayotte districts, Picardie region,
  • Local deployment of governance and public policies: Nord – Pas-de-Calais Region, Greater Lyon, Loiret and Bouches-du-Rhône districts, city of Paris
  • Elaboration of multiannual investment plans: Greater Nantes, Mayotte district,
  • Modernization of resource functions (HR, finances, management control): Greater Nantes, CREA (Greater Rouen), METRO (Greater Grenoble), Mayotte district.


MENSIA Conseil has established a regular working partnership with PARTENAIRES Finances Locales.